Parfums MDCI

Parfums MDCI
Rare fragrances, luxurious flacons,

Something very special…

Founded in Paris in 2002 by Claude Marchal, Parfums MDCI is among the first rank of highly exclusive perfume design houses. Parfums MDCI is reviving the French tradition of the Art of Perfume and creates rare and original perfumes, presented in bottles of unique and unequalled aesthetic taste, in collaboration with perfumers chosen for their talent.

Parfums MDCI works with the finest quality materials, to create original, unexpected, sometimes dazzling compositions and bottles.

Parfums MDCI is making its mark successfully in the world of perfume, encountering more and more customers who are sensitive to a new way of living and buying, and looking for quality and tradition, craftsmanship and authenticity, beauty and true emotion.

Rare gems of their kind, these perfumes are the product of an enthusiast’s vision, brought to fruition thanks to a completely original approach. Original not only in its concept, but also in the principles that were followed in its development: to trust one’s own instinct, to stand by one’s decisions and methods, to forget the trends and fashions that too often dominate – at the expense of creativity.

MDCI’s work has been followed for more than ten years by discerning collectors and connoisseurs; the bottles, which are among the finest ever made, are in many private collections and museums.

Perfumes from MDCI’s collection are recognized in their own right for their beauty, originality and elegance, and are now worn worldwide. Yet they are rare indeed – it took eight years to perfect close to a dozen fragrances.

This was a totally original vision, which has given birth to a new Haute Parfumerie, both classic and innovative at the same time.

Classic, for it was the Classical Age, the Italian Renaissance, seventeenth- century France, the great voyages of discovery, which were the points of reference guiding the brand creator’s work. Pursuing his quest for the beautiful, he followed his path until his ideas and the work of his hands were in harmony; leading eventually, after long maturing, to a creation that satisfied his vision and his requirements.

Innovative, for the idea of offering something so contrary to the mass-produced minimalism prevailing today – small sculptures inspired by the Renaissance or the Ancient World, posed elegantly on a very refined cylindrical plinth that doubles as the bottle – was more than simply a concrete technical challenge, it was virtually attempting the impossible.

Distinctive, too, was the choice of a prominent historical figure for the men’s fragrance bottles, the terrifying emperor Caracalla, selected to express character, power, virility, and gravitas in a world that is losing its bearings.

Unique, equally, is the small female figurine created and sculpted personally by us for the woman’s perfume bottles; diametrically opposite in character, all softness, elegance, refinement, delicacy – in a way, our idea of the eternal feminine.

Luxurious: Individually made, every bottle of MDCI perfume crosses the desk, or rather the workbench, of the brand creator himself, who finishes and checks each piece patiently, by hand, deliberately avoiding the tempting option of an industrial process, which would inevitably lead to the loss of many of the meticulous details that give the bottles of this brand their special character. A wealth of care and detail; the haute couture of perfumery, you might say.

A luxury, it is true, but also truly a luxury.

Each bottle is thus entirely a product of craftsmanship, particularly with regard to the sculpted busts used as stoppers.

It is an outcome of intensive work into which the brand creator wanted to instill his idea of beauty. There is nothing coarse here, no modish clichés; on the contrary, his aesthetic principle is the total reverse of today’s general minimalism, which too often merely serves to hide deep creative poverty.

Production, limited to a few thousand pieces per year, is reserved for the best retail perfumers. Only those who are among the most professional in the trade are likely to be chosen to carry the brand.

And wherever you find MDCI fragrances available in a particular perfume store, it is because that retailer is a member of this select circle.

Resolutely different, breaking with dominant conventions, MDCI bottles go against the current diktats that favor minimalism for the sake of easier mass production. They do so by evoking classical and universal values, to touch a sensitive chord and satisfy our craving for prettier, more moving objects to fill our lives.


With their hand-sculpted stoppers, miniature incarnations of femininity and masculinity, these flacons capture timeless feelings and emotions in a very special way. True feats of craftsmanship, they were first produced in crystal and as limited editions, then in bisque, they have found a place in numerous specialized museums and private collections. Sculpted with great attention to detail, the immaculate white stoppers capture the beauty and serenity of the graceful feminine figure and the strength of its masculine counterpart. Snow-white, stone-hard yet smooth as silk, the special white the material used is perfectly suited for a luxury perfume bottle. While perfectly functional, these signed flacons are also prized collector’s pieces.

Perfumers and Fragrances

MDCI perfumes are recognized for their high quality and originality, while always being wearable and refined, and avoiding vainly provocative marketing gimmicks.

Providing unlimited resources – which has the case with the brand since its inception – is never the sole route to a goal. Money is not the solution to everything, and you have to give things time.

What really counts is the talent deployed to collect, blend and orchestrate the many ingredients or components that create a quality perfume.

As in a painting, more important than the quality of paints used is the artist’s inspiration, his hand or his eye. It is this inspiration, which may come in a flash or through long weeks of work, that makes all the difference.

Over the years, Parfums MDCI have sought to collaborate with internationally recognized perfumers from a variety of backgrounds, such as Pierre Bourdon, Bertrand Duchaufour or Francis Kurkdjian, as well as with confirmed or fresh young talents such as Jeanne-Marie Faugier, Amandine Marie, Richard Ibanez, Stéphanie Bakouche, Cécile Zarokian.

Their only common denominator has been the ability to rise to the challenge of the brand and its requirements, and … at one particular moment, to have been inspired.

Of the many avenues of aroma thus explored, only a few are reserved for possible use, and of those only one or two per year are deemed worthy to be worked on till the perfect outcome emerges, combining superb balance, dynamic fragrance, and an appropriate sillage – the scent it leaves in the air…

The keys to such a great perfume are talent and hard work.

It took over seven years to establish a range of twelve fragrances; in some years none at all were added, because the end results failed to meet the standards of the brand.

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Cuir Cavalier


Blue Satin


Fêtes Persanes


Le Barbier de Tanger


Les Indes Galantes


Cio Cio San


Nuit Andalouse


Cuir Garamante


Chypre Palatin


La Belle Hélène


Vêpres Siciliennes


Un Coeur en Mai


Le Rivage des Syrtes


Péché Cardinal


Rose de Siwa



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