Crop – Limited Edition 2016


It embodies the founders’ common passion for art, perfumes and travel as well as their tribute to the generosity of nature and the hard work of man who make Oud’s manufacturing a true art.
Each year, a selection of the best quality Oud is stored in memory of the season that has generated it: from this selection comes to life The Crop Edition, a tribute to the purest Oud. The fragrances of this series are 100% natural and reveals exclusive and limited pieces: their number is related to the quantity of Oud present in the batch from which they come from. As each batch of Oud is unique and never identical to another one.

The House of Oud 2016 collection is enriched by a unique product, selected and numbered in a limited edition: there are only 250 bottles of CROP, each with its own certificate of guarantee that sets the seal on the fruit of the previous year’s finest raw materials harvest. Crop 2016 has a dominant green aroma of mint, a very fresh note.

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Brand The House of Oud
Size 75ml