Empathy is an olfactory description of a fleeting instant that words simply cannot encapsulate. It tells the tale of what happens when two souls meet and instantly recognise each other. It’s like when you catch your breath: your eyes lock together. The silence that speaks reigns supreme, overcoming mere physical attraction to become energy. The result is a new awareness, as delicate and profound as the composition. The sweet notes of pear blossom in the head, inflamed by an infusion of raspberry, open up to a heart whose fruity hints of tobacco leaf win you over. What makes the woody, mossy finale even more refined is an elusive touch of scorched wood.

Head Notes: Pear blossom, raspberry flowers, Indian Davana;

Heart Notes: Fruity tobacco, Infusion of raspberry;

Base Notes: Scorched wood, Transparent mosses, Benzoin, Silver fir, Irian Oud.

Brand The House of Oud
Size 75ml