Panthea Iris


Absolutely divine
In mythology, Iris was the messenger of the gods and the bearer of good news in the form of a rainbow.

Like a symbol, Stéphane Humbert Lucas chose Iris to dress Panthea, the Persian goddess of the 777 collection.
A limited edition of one of the brand’s flagship fragrances around Iris, one of the most valuable and expensive materials in perfume.

Patience, quality, requirement…
Panthea Iris will not disappoint lovers of Iris absolute.
This fragrance rises to the height of the divine behind a rare and sublime elegance.

A sparkling start of notes of Bergamot and Mandarin from Italy accompanies a refreshing and immaculate white tea.
A blue and white silk veil dresses the fragrance.
The Tonka Absolute supports the subtle Sandalwood and Patchouli to explode the powdery and sophisticated facets of the intense Iris
Powerful by the strength of its wake, it is in sweetness and sensuality that the perfume evolves on the skin.


“She’s tall, sylph, with delicate hands. I know she’s wearing a light dress.
It is silent, slow, flexible and rigid like a blood-blue artery.
His smile is light-eyed.
Panthea lives in a house above the clouds, I do not know how she gets there.
That’s all I know, so I made a perfume”.

Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Pink berries – Bergamot Italy – Mandarin Italy – White tea
Absolute of Iris- Violette -Jasmin
White Musk – Tonka abs – Sandalwood – Patchouli – Iris Butter

Brand Stephane Humbert Lucas
Size 50ml