Rose Millésimée, a very different kind of Rose

Embodying the intimate nature of the Centifolia Rose (also known as the May or cabbage rose), ROSE MILLÉSIMÉE is an olfactory metaphor for a moment frozen in time, the reflection of a story, a region and a tradition of craftsmanship. In homage to the Centifolia Rose, this absolute remains discrete while still asserting its exceptional character. In Vanina Muracciole’s interpretation of the Rose Centifolia, attention to detail meets a quest for the sublime.

«For years now, I’ve wanted to reproduce the Centifolia rose without artifice, without a dominant synthetic environment that would make the note consensual. It was about conserving the flower’s natural properties and suggesting comfort».

To the Grasse region’s native blossom, Vanina Muracciole has added a dash of spices, candied apples, essence of Bulgarian rose and white musk to create a “powerful and carnal soliflore”. The gentle variances of nature and the unrivalled richness of the soil tinge each vintage with a particular signature and patina.

Rose Millésimée – Floral Perfume Extract – 100% Base notes.

Rose Centifolia Pays Absolute, Clove, Candied Apple, Bulgarian Rose Essence, White Musks