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The concept of Olfactive Studio that was launched in Paris in 2011 sails on the waves of endless thoughts and travels, it discovers, connects and inspires. This union is a paradigm, a continuation, a vicious circle, and unarguably creative wholeness…

An encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery, between the eye and the nose, a relationship with a vision, precision, sense and sensibility.

“Seeing is believing” and we all know that. Only physical or concrete evidence is convincing, but how to convince in the presence of a scent? Or sense an image and reproduce it olfactively? Olfactive Studio captures the essence of the moment, both visually and olfactively, making it an unforgettable memory that can be revisited through two objects – a photograph, and a perfume.

Sepia is Olfactive Studio’s new next-level collection, where the design color scheme is a reminiscent of the sepia tones from old photographs, brand’s distinctive fragrance bottles are wrapped in a noble warm-toned leather with a copper-toned ocher color cap, and the whole collection sets a new bar for the “Haute Parfumerie”. The launch greets a trilogy of Extrait de Parfum created in collaboration with the perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour and an environmental artist, sculptor, and photographer Martin Hill. The collection “shots” – Vanilla Shot, Leather Shot, and Chypre Shot – are both sensory and photographic, perfectly powerful and striking captures of the moment. 

VANILLA SHOT: coriander, saffron, aldehydes, rose, dried fruits, opoponax, vanilla, caramel, myrrh, benzoin

LEATHER SHOT: cardamom, cumin, leather note, iris, black tea, sandalwood, cedarwood, driftwood, vetiver

CHYPRE SHOT: cardamom, saffron, bergamot, peony, black pepper, coffee, black tea, oakmoss, patchouli, labdanum, amber

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an English language idiom that can be elevated into: “A picture exhales a thousand ingredients” in case of Olfactive Studio’s Sepia collection. The brand managed to come out with an exceptional olfactory world that carries a distinctive personality; a world of emotions driven by creative vision. Photography and perfumery echo and enhance each other, a fragrance helps to “read” the picture, and the picture transmits a manipulated meaning of a scent. This here is a gallery of olfactive opuses supported by breath-taking visual realms and vice versa. Both, a photograph and a perfume, can be a signifier and a signified. Both are messages, both represent and carry meaning, both convey and share an idea.

Olfactive Studio created a new way to understand the meaning of photographic images and modern perfumery, with almost extinct ingredients like – Desire, curiosity, quality, intuition, and generosity.


Article written by Julia Ahtijainen – The Frankly Speaking