The House of Oud – THoO

THE HOUSE OF OUD is the name of a brand, the signature of a style, but even before that it is the story of a friendship between an Italian Master Perfumier and a producer of Jakarta oud, two people who share a passion for art, perfumes and travel, together with a sense of beauty and their love of study. Their focus on aesthetic, cultural and olfactory research has made their path and their work into an opportunity to discover the finest raw materials und unprecedented, increasingly surprising accords. THE HOUSE OF OUD was established to channel the ideas and inspirations the two collect from all over the world into a single ‘house’. Theirs is a rather special house: it has no walls or borders, but is open to opportunities and to visits, furnished with knowledge, experience and the age-old art of perfumery. It is no coincidence that, in addition to the ingredient that is always part of the brand’s compositions, OUD is also an acronym that encapsulates all the two founders’ spirit of research, standing for ‘Our Unique Devotion’.

THE HOUSE OF OUD creates unique products that touch the heartstrings and light up those who wear them.

The DESERT DAY collection is an interpretation of time in the desert: an olfactory narrative of 24 hours in the world’s most elusive place. With this collection’s four fragrances, THE HOUSE OF OUD photographs the beauty of this wild terrain and the metamorphoses it undergoes in the course of the day. In practice, this changes the perspectives we normally experience as we observe the desert’s limitless horizons: from far to near. The magic of the desert’s spaces and emotions comes to life through a new language of priceless details.

The KLEM GARDEN collection opens the door to a timeless garden. With this collection’s four fragrances, THE HOUSE OF OUD pays tribute to the seasons and the pleasures of the Arabian world. Fruits ripen in the perfect geometry of nature and are offered as gifts: they become opportunities to seize, visual and olfactory sensations so strong that they seem to speak out loud, describing the beauty of life better than any words. The Klem Garden Collection is expanding to take in a fifth fragrance: EMPATHY, a special edition that celebrates a magic moment experienced in an Arabian garden, suspended midway between dream and reality.


THoO is the new collection from THE HOUSE OF OUD, constituting its artistic exploration. These new fragrances from THoO speak to us about material, the present, unexpected bouquets, eclectic cross-fertilisations and accords with hitherto unexplored raw materials.

THoO interprets the beauty of discovering a different outlook every day, of living at the crossroads, of listening to and choosing our inner selves, even before we decide which of those roads to pursue. After the latitudes of the DesertDay Collection and the geometries of the Klem Garden, THE HOUSE OF OUD is now bursting out of line and blending life, experience and inspiration together to generate a narrative of the future and its verve, projecting infinite lines of synapses between painting, street art and thinking. THoO is setting out on its journey through the contemporary world, cross- fertilising between art, styles, painting, beauty, nature and life. As it blends with today’s contemporary, it casts a light on creative contagion, its new direction.

Time, itself so generous with details, is what inspired the first three THoOfragrances, which owe their origins to a creative interaction between Maurizio Cerizza and Cristian Calabrò, who captured three moments: “Just Before”, “Right Now” and “From Now On”.

These compositions encapsulate three magical moments of mankind’s life and express them in ways that go beyond words and cultures, using a universal language: the emotion of perfume.

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