The human skin is the outer covering of the body and has up to seven layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Skin is our body’s largest organ, and we should take care of it. Somebody call a doctor?

So we did. Beloved by the main celebrities and beauties all around the world, internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh launched his anti-aging skin-care line in 2006 by getting people into thinking ‘restoration’ not ‘transformation.’ He suggests to start with an age-maintenance programme on a regular basis when young and think in the long term while taking care of the skin.

Dr. Sebagh graduated from the University of Paris in 1979 and started his career as a facial plastic surgeon by offering his patients solo facelifts and mainly in Los Angeles. As a true Parisian, he returned to Paris, were his talents were received with open arms, and where he continued his research and growth. In 1994 Dr. Sebagh started his practice in London and pioneered in the use of Botox, collagen and vitamin injections. Combining these techniques, and later crowned as the ‘Botox King’, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh coined the phrase “age maintenance” to describe his revolutionary efforts to preserve existing youth and vibrancy.

Though, since then the things have changed – now we have lasers, fillers, cosmeceuticals actives in skincare products, OTC retinoids and all kinds of new ingredients and technology that can help us age in a better way. Dr. Sebagh keeps up with the Joneses, by getting a little help from his team of top French chemists, he is developing each collection for his skincare brand by using high concentrations of the most potent ingredients, delivering targeted products for all skin types and needs. 

Creams are not enough while taking care of your skin, equally important is to consider the next facts: the lifestyle (exercising, food, sleeping hours, etc.), the environment (climate, humidity, air pollution, etc.), the season (winter, summer, etc.), personal needs and skin type (oily, dry, etc.), and the last, most important and motivating one – the results you’re after!


Dr Sebagh’s Deep Exfoliating Mask
This mask is loaded with lactic acids that are hydrating and gentle enough to be suitable also for sensitive skin types, and that dissolve the ingredients that hold skin cells together. Your wrinkles will get smaller, and your skin will look automatically smoother when you get rid of the damaged cells. 

The whole look will be brighter…



Article written by Julia Ahtijainen – The Frankly Speaking