It took over seven years to establish a range of the first twelve fragrances, and in the following years, the creator Claude Marchal skipped the traditional launch timings, simply because the end results failed to meet the standards of the brand and his vision. Founded in Paris in 2002, Parfums MDCI is one of the first exclusive perfume design houses that still keeps the bar high and doesn’t compromise. The main intention of Parfums MDCI is to reawaken the French elegance and tradition of the true perfume-making. The Maison is intentionally avoiding provocations and cheap screams of the momentum. Authentic beauty, craftsmanship, and culture are the forces that drive this brand.

The perfumes, sophisticated and dazzling compositions are made out of best raw materials available and strive towards olfactive harmony, caress, and universal aesthetics. They do not scream, they whisper, calmly yet confidently, playfully yet in a mature way.

One can smell an enthusiast’s selection, a true connoisseur’s approach with his own, very particular taste and an exquisite look on the perfume world. Elegance is the keyword that should be stressed here more. The word derives from a Latin word ‘legere’ meaning ‘to choose, to pick.’ Elegance is an ability to combine a genius with simplicity, an ability to refuse. Elegance is about knowing what and how you want something… anything… And if you want. And Mr. Marchal wanted to add something new, something elevated – 

a collection of “Masterpieces.”

The main motivation behind the “Masterpieces” was to interpret some masterpieces from Louvre Museum into the fragrances. It might sound old and odd, but the collection has something timeless about it, something harmonizing and intelligent… and of course chic as the rest of the Maison’s establishments. In fact, it requires a certain type of intelligence and cultural knowledge to know and be inspired by the pieces such as Gainsborough’s famous “Blue Boy”, Théodore Géricault’s splendid armored horseman of the Imperial Guard, and “L’homme aux Gants” – a stunning portrait of an unknown young man by The Titian that inspired the perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer to create a movingly subtle scent, a sort of a “soft oud” fragrance that reflects the delicacy of a suede-type of leather. The complexity of this painting translates into a scent that is refined, distant yet warm, just as it’s subject whose facial expression and hand gesture suggests the origin of the idle rich, of a man who has traveled the world, who is a bit bored, who knows something that other’s might not know. The fragrance, just as the painting, asks for a certain type of sophistication to appreciate the secret stories that are about to be revealed.

Admiring the traditional French perfume-making, Parfums MDCI projects a very selective view on perfume classics of uncompromising quality.


Article written by Julia Ahtijainen – The Frankly Speaking