Fragrance Du Bois is a brand that was born in nature and is crafted in France. It’s main essence is pure oud – a pure luxury of nature and cultural heritage. 

Oud, also known as agarwood, is the most precious and expensive timer in the world. The finest oud distilled from the wood today has a starting price of $50,000 per kilo. Agarwood trees are one of the most sought-after tree species due to its rarity and quality. This wood is also considered as sacred, incenses and perfumes that are produced from agarwood have been valued for centuries and used by many cultures for spiritual, aphrodisiac, calming and purifying purposes.

Each creation of Fragrance Du Bois uses pure Agarwood tree oil and fumes the mystery of Oud. At this point the meaning of a word “purity” could be traced through an adjective “pure” that carries two meanings: 1) not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material; 2) perfectly in tune and with a clear tone. Purity as quality of any subject in discussion gives a beautiful state of comfort and confidence and motivates the notion of ultimate luxury. Fragrance Du Bois is the only fragrance house that uses its signature 100% pure and natural Oud in all its fragrance formulations, paired only with ingredients of the most exceptional quality.

It requires a strong vision and knowledge to craft and to give birth to such project, and it takes time and patience to plan and part on a journey towards the elevation of this ancient ingredient. The knowledge of craft can be seen here as something cultural rather than a primitive process. The realization that we are living in a very different world to ten years ago created the need to reconnect with what matters and a start to think about making things that fit the purpose and not just making things for the sake of them. With the reinterpretation and the usage of pure Oud in each scent, Fragrance Du Bois rethinks the relationship with craft and traditions. Word “craft” is strongly linked to the identity of the brand.

The citation of agarwood in many important religious texts transmits its significant presence within the spiritual world. The long historical use of agarwood has been associated with cultures where aromatics are deeply ingrained in cultural experiences, such as the Middle East, India, China, and Japan. Through the usage of agarwood as the main ingredient, the perfumes represent culturally universal luxury. Intoxicating yet purifying and calming grandeur is an experience what to expect while encountering with these fragrances.


Article written by Julia Ahtijainen – The Frankly Speaking