Just as the sounds of Stéphane Grappelli’s violin tune you into the track “Easy To Love,” so as smelling Eau d’Italie’s new fragrance… A new Easy Lover composed to celebrate the 15 years of love towards Italy.

Everyone has heard of musical notes, the individual sounds that make up the songs we love to listen to. And it’s no secret that like how many musical notes make a song; fragrance notes make up a perfume. As songs evoke feelings, so do smells… Records from the past, dreams towards the future, and an encapsulation of the present time being.

Eau d’Italie wanted to record and save into the fragrance bottles the uniqueness of Italy and interpret into the scents the Italian creativity. Born in Positano, on the Amalfi Coast known for it’s extraordinary beauty, the brand documents first and foremost the Italianness.

For such a rich documentary, one needs to have the cultural knowledge and the multi-set vocabulary to collect, list, interpret and transmit the messages through the sense of smell. The blend needs to include the precision and expertise of a documentalist, a curiosity of a cultural anthropologist and an inspirational open-mindedness of a perfect storyteller. Such collection is a stylistic representation of a work of a historian passionate about the present and the senses, the sensorial communication, a work of individuals who want to get personal, who have patience and passion to record and recon the personal, and bravery to share it all with the world through the most primitive and tender sense – the smell.

Italian culture carries an uncountable amount of symbols and messages stored within the various fields and transmitted through the centuries. There is a meaningful story behind everything – behind the beauty of the diverse landscapes and natures; behind the particular nature of different characters discovered while travelling up and down, from coast to coast; the rich gastronomic culture and the elevated sense of taste; the expressive body language, gestures and emotions; the written and unwritten rules and traditions that are still very present.

Eau d’Italie codifies the essence of Italy into the scents. The fragrances are mapping the remarkable places; they reveal the personal and historical moments from the past by giving a tour through Italy by revealing something from the past, something from the present and giving a vision towards the probable future. One can design its own trip, for instance, by parting from the north with BAUME DU DOGE – an essence of Venice, when it was the gateway to the East and the most important trading center for spices and exotic goods. Making a pitstop in the middle with the SIENNE L’HIVER – a capture of the refined world of the Renaissance city of Siena. After, honoring the golden era and vacating like a star with UN BATEAU POUR CAPRI – an iconic scent of an iconic era when Positano’s Hotel Le Sirenuse was by definition the place where la dolce vita was to be found on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. And after all, diving deep into the south and getting one-on-one with the ancient wisdom through the smell of JARDIN DU POETE – a tale from a bygone era, when nations were ruled by poets, and poets were sacred to Apollo, when Sicily was a Greek colony and Syracuse was a fragrant court.

To truly comprehend the essence of Italy, one should use the sense of smell and let the imagination follow the rest, disconnect and reconnect like no other with the refined and seducing scents of Italy by Eau d’Italie.


Article written by Julia Ahtijainen – The Frankly Speaking