People tend to think that fragrance is an intangible thing, in order to object this perception I would like to define the word “object”. What is the meaning of an object? An object might be a material thing that can be seen and touched; an object might be a person or a thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed. But in general, an object refers to any item, either in the physical or sensory world. 

AEDES DE VENUSTAS represents olfactive objects, in both, physical and sensory worlds, by honoring the past, present and the future the art of perfumery. Just as an art that challenges the “I” that we are, so as the fragrances by AEDES DE VENUSTAS raise questions, make us recognize the pleasure and the terror side of love, challenge the reality, make us dream, make us believe that magic exists and think that it might be true that everything is possible, and create new views… A new point of view.

On an everyday basis we work hard at taming our emotional environment, sticking to the routine and normalizing everything, but we do also work hard at taming our aesthetic environment. 

We are seduced by the beauty at all times – be it a piece of history as a lavish baroque statue or a futuristic and sleek design piece that tells everything in a clean, clear and polished way. This mix of the novel and the traditional is something unique and something very identifying for AEDES. A mixture of the two that balance and create a sublime, almost magical equilibrium of the forms, styles, and scents. These here are not just fragrances, these here are unique objects to look at, to be touched by… visually, olfactively, sensually, subconsciously, and sensorially.

An object is something that we can focus on, an object is something important. And when you buy something artistic, you’re buying something more than just an object. You’re buying hundreds of hours of trials and errors and wins; you’re buying a perfect final result, a clean thought, you’re buying a salvation, someone’s art.

The healing power of art is not a rhetorical fantasy. AEDES DE VENUSTAS fragrance bottles shall be perceived as objects of art, and the scents that combine the youthful future and the frivolous past, perfect blends. Here, the mind might question, but the heart knows that a new experience awaits. To sum up the idea of the concept, the wisdom of Robert Henri must be revealed here: “The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.”


Article written by Julia Ahtijainen – The Frankly Speaking